Why Is Shopping Cart Logo the Most Common Mall Logo?

One can't imagine running a retail business in today's competitive and advanced world without marketing it to the targeted audience and, for marketing, one definitely needs some mark of identity or emblem to make people distinguish the business; particularly, for the promotion of chains of grocery stores or big malls, there is a need of memorable and captivating logos to get the public attracted towards them. I was planning to design a mall logo and was looking through the images of some popular shopping precincts of the world when I discovered this amazing fact: most of the malls, throughout the world, are using trolleys' images in their emblems. Since all companies want to have individuality and uniqueness, this outright commonness in their brand signs cannot be there just by chance. So, there must be some idea behind this.
What do these trolleys represent?

I and, I believe, most of the people start shopping with the selection of a trolley, in accordance with the number and size of articles I am planning to purchase. If I am there to buy grocery for a full month, I'll definitely look for the biggest handcart, but if it's an occasional visit for purchasing a few items, a little basket will do. So, a trolley symbolises the first necessity of buying and, through its size, the variety of articles that are available just under one roof. Wheels depict the speed and pace with which you can buy a full month's groceries in just an hour. They also remind you of the flexibility you can enjoy while purchasing items from supermarkets - looking through the range of items before selecting the one that suits your needs well.
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