Do-It-Yourself Logo Designs: Simple, or Is It?

Since we're through about the fact that crowdsourcing is definitely not the way you would like your logo to be made, you'll probably be left asking: "So are there any other ways except from paying big bucks to snotty professional designers?" The good news is: yes, there is.

If you're familiar with scrapbooking, self-made furniture, and homemade candies, then you might be considering creating a do-it-yourself logo design. Great idea eh? Here are some pointers:

1. Sketch the design

It's simple according to DIY design software marketers. Use a ballpoint pen to shade the dark areas, trace the drawing at the back of the paper, use a colored pencil to give it a hue, and voila! You have the draft of your very own customized logo. Don't know how to start? Oh, don't ask. Everybody doodles when they're young, so we're pretty sure you can draw a good one for your company. No need to know how to go through the whole complicated design process. Only professional artists do that.

2. Spare your efforts and use templates

After some hours of carefree, sans strict process of drafting, you can now decide if you still want to pursue the design you've created. But what if it makes you regret that you've ever been born without an ounce of creative juice? Relax, they can offer you nifty templates that you can paste altogether in a matter of ten seconds. And what's better, you can choose for either exclusive or non-exclusive rights. Of course non-exclusive rights can be bought at a cheapo price of $15. But if you really don't have the bucks to shed for a candy, you can buy free clip art, which is better by the way because at least you're so sure that they're not stolen from anybody's portfolio.

3. Use paint in place of complicated Adobe Illustrator

You never have to face that doohickey called Adobe Illustrator, ever. Those snooty graphic artists are just conniving to make you believe that you can't resize your do-it-yourself logo design if you use the simplistic paint. That isn't true. Go scan your work and edit your work as much as you please. Never worry about how you will effectively apply the emblem into use. At least you managed to make one.

4. Feel the power and freedom

Savor your success. You've made it without spending an extravagant $5,000 to those high and mighty graphic artists. At last, you're independent. And believe it or not, if you've been a bit better and used Photoshop instead of paint, you already have what it takes to join crowdsourced design contest and win $30 for a random and 'well-researched' emblem.

5. Double check your logo

After assembling the templates together and adding your company name, you have to keep watch of your copyright and search if there are other companies with the same trade icon as yours. And beware if your do-it-yourself logo design has major resemblance with some other emblems. Probably, they have chosen the same combination of templates for some cosmic anomaly. Or probably, it was the origin of the templates you used. Whichever, beware.
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