Logos For Children's Entertainment Companies: The Balancing Act

Children's entertainment centers are a magical place for children of all ages. They boast bouncy castles, soft play areas, climbing frames, and slides for all ages - hey, they even look enticing to me! In most big cities there's a great choice of venues so how does a concerned parent choose the very best for a day out with the kids or for their child's next birthday party? Rest assured that parents will run through a mental checklist but the two most important things will be that the venue offers a boatload of fun and that it is run professionally.
If a children's entertainment company wants to stand a chance of attracting parents it has to get those two key points across in all its marketing materials. And that starts with the company logo. A special balancing act is required when creating the logo. It must clearly show that the company offers a host of fun and that it is run professionally - however fabulous the facilities are, they need to be properly maintained, comply with relevant legal standards and be run by qualified staff.

It's a tall order for a small symbol but the logo needs to succinctly capture what the company is all about as soon as it is seen and must be highly memorable. It is the fulcrum of a brand's success.The brain registers colors and images far sooner than words which is why many logos are pictorial designs, such as that of the computer giant Apple. For a children's entertainment company the only option to nail the logo is to use a team of skilled graphic designers who understand the target market and can get the key messages across to parents:

Fun: A children's entertainment company logo must suggest child-orientated activities using bright colors and a simple, effective design. An eye-catching cartoon image of happy children, toys, cute animals or bouncy castles can work well depending on what is on offer.

Professional: The logo must convey fun, but also safety. So it must be appropriate and exclude any hint of children getting up to mischief or being unsafe. Even with the best intention, a poorly thought out logo might suggest the cartoon kids are about to fall off a slide or worse. And of course to give the best impression the logo must be professionally designed. If the company cuts corners on the logo, where else is it cutting corners? Parents fear the worst so to do well in the competitive children's entertainment industry a professionally designed logo is always a sound investment.
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