6 Tips To Make Your Own Logo Design

Making a logo is a crucial task for any modern company, I would say that's the first thing every business owner should do.

Just the appearance of your logo will make it or break it through the successful business world. That is why you, as a business owner must look for unique and elaborated concepts, instead of simple and disposable design that might not deliver the right message about your company.

So, if you are having any kind of problems getting your own logo, you have come to the right place. I'm going to share with you a list of 6 tips that would help you think about every single aspect in a logo and I'm sure you'll get the desired logo even if you're not the one doing it.

1-Shapes: The logo should have a simple and regular-looking shape (70% regular I would say). Irregular shapes may come out unique in style, but most of the time, they disrupt the flow of information.

2-Fonts: Fonts have a huge power, they can denote formal, serious and even comical concepts without changing any word. And with great power comes great responsibility, try to find the font that best suits your company's message. You can actually Google those fonts, for instance you can put in your search bar: 
"Formal Fonts" or "Funny Fonts"

3-Colors: Always remember that colors can signify a bunch of things, like emotions,(feeling blue) flavors (Red=Cherry), etc. Different colors awake different emotions in potential consumers. Do a little research about the psychology behind the color, and determine which colors fit and combine the best.

4-Remembrance: Is your logo is easy to remember? that;s a question you want to ask your self now. There's a study showing how people tend to better relate things with images, and how most of them can feel related and identified with one. (Apple's logo will be a great example) My recommendation for this will be: Keep It Simple. A Simple and well elaborated logo will be easily remember by your public.

5-Always ask for second opinion: If you always listen to yourself, you might be right sometimes, but asking an expert or just a friend's opinion might nurture your ideas and that will help you look at your logo from a different perspective. it's also recommendable to have more that one concept so that you have different roads to take if you don't like the one you're going.

6-Always let professionals do their job. I'm assuming you're not a professional designer, so, don't struggle. If you can't do it, hire somebody else to do it for you, perhaps they'll do it 100 times better that you and they'll help you save precious time.

Time for conclusions: If you want to come up with a great and unique logo design for your company, team, rock band,etc. Always remember these simple but useful tips.
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